Name: Josh
Carmatch code: CTDC5
Tribe: Tech-er
Vehicle: Scion tC
Score: 71

Scion tC – More Legroom than Technology – Review Video

Josh gets behind the wheel of the Scion tC. Watch as Josh reviews the Scion tC to find out if cargo capacity and impressive legroom are enough to trump an outdated radio. (Legroom in a coupe? Say it ain’t so!). After spending some time in the tC, Josh (along with his passengers) were all but ready to buy one for themselves. 

Meet Josh. Josh’s CarMatch Code™ is CTDC5. He’s looking for a car that offers Luxury and Crafstmanship (C), is packed with the latest Technology (T) and has great Styling and Design (D). His personal style is Classic/Timeless (C) and he needs to be able to haul up to 5 people. You can find your CarMatch Code here.


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