Name: Monte
Carmatch code: FDTU4
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Ford Focus ST
Score: 91

Small Car for a Big Guy: Ford Focus ST Review Video

Small Car for a Big Guy. The Ford Focus ST’s got power … LOTS of it. But Monte, one of our more performance-minded ReviewCrew reviewers, has no complaints. Monte may be a bigger guy, but that doesn’t stop him from loving every downshift and throttle stomp. Being on the pricey side, Focus ST may not be for everyone, but watch this review video as Monte discovers how this pocket rocket turns a typical commute into pure driving joy.

Meet Monte. Monte’s CarMatch Code™ is FDTU4. Being a performance guy, he loves a vehicle that is Fun to Drive, has great Styling/Design and is loaded with technology — the Focus ST has all of his top three needs in a vehicle. Monte’s personal style is Unique/Individualistic and he needs to be able to haul up to four people. So, is the Focus ST the right vehicle for his CarMatch Code™? Watch “Small Car for a Big Guy” to find out. To get your own CarMatch Code™, click here.   



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