Name: Justin
Carmatch code: FDTU2
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Dodge Dart
Score: 91

Stylish, Cool Affordable Cars – Justin’s Dodge Dart Review – FDTU2

My favorite thing on the exterior is the headlights. I really like how they’re dark. It gives it kind of a sporty, sinister look.

A Stylish and Cool Affordable Car. In pursuit of the finding fun commuter cars, you’d be remiss to overlook the Dodge Dart — especially if you’re addicted to fun-to-drive and stylish cars packed with technology. In this review video, Justin uncovers the “meh,” the “nice!” and the “this is awesome” of the Dodge Dart. While he may not be enamored by the boy-racer spoiler, the rest of the styling, technology and fun-to-drive qualities might win him over. Dart’s got stylish alloy wheels, traditional Dodge styling and an aggressive front-end look. And, being packed with LED lights doesn’t hurt, either. Watch the review to find out if the Dodge Dart really is a cool affordable car, or if it’s a “meh” affordable car.

Meet Justin. Justin’s CarMatch Code is FDTU2. He wants a vehicle that is fun-to-drive (F), has great styling and design (D) and is packed with modern technology (T). His personal style is unique and he only needs to haul up to two people.

A fun side note. Justin showed up to our Vote on Cars event in a blacked-out Corvette. It sounded and looked fantastic. Keep in mind that his daily summer driver is a sports car through and through. So, when he talks about Dart being “fun to drive,” he knows what “fun to drive” really means.


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