Mark S
Name: Mark S
Carmatch code: LDSC4
Tribe: Keeper
Vehicle: Honda HR-V
Score: 84

Tall Guy’s Take on Honda HR-V. Built to Last?

There is a lot of room back here … if I were to go on a weekend camping trip, I think I could fit everything I needed … It would be a great road-trip car for two people.

Tall Guy Takes on HR-V. 

In this video, Mark, a Keeper and one of Vote on Cars’s tallest reviewers, gives you his take on the Honda HR-V.

Mark liked a lot of things about HR-V. The drive quality was great, the brakes were responsive, and the vehicle remained quiet and composed even when traversing the most Michiganest of roads. He also appreciated the HUGE amount of interior space … definitely enough for a two-person road trip, camping gear, and all road-trip-related accouterments.

There were a few things that gave Mark pause. The electronic heating and cooling controls were cumbersome and didn’t feel like they were built to last. (And as a Keeper, Mark is looking for features that last). And, the rear-seat leg and headroom left him wanting a bit more space.

All in all, Mark enjoyed the HR-V. And, with Honda’s reputation for quality and reliability, it would make a great fit for a Keeper looking for a road-trip-worthy steed.

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