Name: Brian
Carmatch code: FHLC5
Tribe: Keeper
Vehicle: Honda Fit
Score: 85

The 2016 Honda Fit will Last, BUT is it Fast? Video

What does keeper mean? It means I find something I like and stick with it for a long long long long time.

In this video review, Brian — a Keeper — takes the helm of the 2016 Honda Fit. Overall, he liked it. It was comfortable all around, with additional comfort from the driver’s seat. The controls face the driver, which he also liked. But, the touchscreens “propensity for being dirty” wasn’t as impressive.

As far as Fit’s drive characteristics, it was fairly ‘meh.’ The engine “just makes noise,” without really propelling the vehicle forward. If you’re more of a Driver, it might not be the best car for you. But, if you’re a Keeper or a Hauler, the immense storage space might be enough to win you over.

Watch the whole review to find out more about the 2016 Honda Fit.

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