Name: Rohit
Carmatch code: FSDP5
Tribe: Driver
Vehicle: Mazda CX-3
Score: 93

The Expectation Shattering Mazda CX-3: Review Video

You won’t feel embarrassed to drive the car. You’ll feel like, “Yeah, I’m driving a Mazda.

The Mazda CX-3 is making quite a statement in the compact CUV market. In this review video, VOC reviewer, Rohit confirms that CX-3 is definitely something to write home about.

Rohit, one of the newest members of the Driver Tribe, is looking for a vehicle that is not just fun to drive, but that drives well. It’s gotta be able to accelerate fast, corner confidently, and keep its composure at highway speeds. And for Rohit, the CX-3 checked all those boxes.

“For a drive’rs car, it’s pretty fun.” During his time behind the wheel, Rohit noted that the CX-3 was very maneuverable and easy to control, saying that CX-3 “doesn’t feel like it’s trying to kill you” when you’re driving aggressively. The Sport mode added a fun boost when accelerating — and added confidence when merging into traffic. He also dug the head-up display, a feature usually reserved for higher-end luxury cars.

“It’s like my dad’s Lexus.” While that’s some high praise for a CX-3, it’s not unwarranted. During the highway stretch, Rohit found that CX-3 kept calm even at high speeds. It cruised much nicer than your typical compact car. It never felt like the car was going too fast. And, the cabin was pretty quiet at high-speeds, too. And it’s always nice when you don’t have to shout to the person next to you.

All in all, CX-3 was a Ro-HIT.

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