Welcome to the Hauler Tribe!

We’re in it for the Long Haul

What We're Into?

We’re shameless utilitarians. We live by the three F’s — form follows function! And, for us, the “function” is hauling stuff. We like to blow peoples’ minds with the amount of stuff our car can carry. They say, “That’ll never fit.” We say, “Wanna bet?” Whether it’s 2x4s from the home store, a cool curbside find or all the contents from a friend’s apartment, it will fit and their minds will be blown.

It’s Gotta be Durable. There isn’t a lot of vanity in our car choices, so we don’t replace them until they’re completely used up. When we look at cars, we think more about how its made and how it will stand up over time versus how it’s styled. We load and unload our cars a lot, and that’s tough on a vehicle.