Honda HR-V

Small Crossover with Huge Versatility

Honda HR-V Consumer Reviews

Test Vehicle:

2015 Honda HR-V

MSRP: $19,115 (base)

MPG: 35 mpg (hwy)

Vehicle Overview

A recent addition to Honda’sĀ lineup, the all-new 2015 HR-V is a combination of the CR-V and the Fit. With TONS of versatility, thanks to the Magic SeatĀ® in the back, and car-like fuel economy, HR-V is a best-of-both-worlds vehicle. If you’re looking for an urban crossover than can haul a dresser and/or home improvement supplies, but still looks chic for your nights out, then HR-V might be a good vehicle for you. Oh, and it’s available in all-wheel drive, which is great for those Michigan winters.