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A Real-Life Micro Machine

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Scion iQ

Vehicle Overview

Meet the Scion iQ. The iQ is small. Very, very small. It could probably do donuts in a donut shop. iQ was built for one purpose : affordable commuting in a big, cramped city where parking spaces are highly coveted. And, for that, iQ does it’s job well. It’s not super fast, it’s not ultra quiet and it doesn’t offer many “luxury” features. But, step inside and, if you’re sitting up front, it’s not all that bad. It’s got everything needed for a daily commute: It’s comfortable, the radio is easy to use and sounds good, and the microscopic back seats are the perfect place to put your messenger bag, etc. If you don’t need storage space and want a high-MPG, tiny commuter, iQ might be the vehicle for you.

Base MSRP: $16,435