Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle Consumer Reviews

A Modern Take on an Iconic Style

Test Vehicle:

Volkswagen Beetle

MSRP: $20,695

MPG: 24 city / 33 hwy

Vehicle Overview

Meet the Volkswagen Beetle. Better known as the “Bug,” the VW Beetle has been around for decades. It’s iconic shape resembles Porsche styling (if Porsche is an infinity pool, the the VW Bug is a beach) and always turns heads. Beetle has also gained popularity for inciting the “slug bug”: a popular and sometimes Charlie-horse-inducing maneuver where the Beetle spotter alerts a Beetle-oblivious co-passenger with a friendly punch to the bicep. Ironic, considering the flowery persona of the ever-so-cute Beetle. If you’re looking to stand out among every other car on the road, a VW Bug is a great — perhaps the greatest — (affordable) option.

BASE MSRP: $20,695